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Frank E. Cuzzi

Executive Assistant
Amanda Seifert

Creative Director
John V. Ciofalo

Newsletter, Editor
Massimo Bongrazio

Giles Communications

Merchandise Manager
John Olley

Head Coach
Aleksandar Mihailovic

Frank Cuzzi is President and Founder of Corner Kick International, an integrated marketing company which owns publishing, licensing and promotion properties plus provides marketing consulting and project management. He is a marketing and sales executive with over 25 years experience developing and directing national promotion, advertising and sales campaigns. A builder and innovator, Mr. Cuzzi has promoted new ideas, developed new markets and managed projects from concept through implementation. He thrives in competitive situations where success depends on service relationships and is measured by client satisfaction. He can marry brand marketing strategy to sales tactics and negotiation skills. In addition, he is a college Professor for sports management, marketing, and sales courses.

Documented Marketing/Sales Expertise

Recognized as an integrated marketing expert, he has developed over 80 marketing programs for national corporations, linking them to publishing, special events, TV programming, licensing, international tournaments and public relations. His clients have included M/M Mars, Times Mirror Magazine, Grey Advertising, MacGregor Sports, Pepsi Cola, American Cyanimid, RJR Seagrams’, Heublein, NEC, Franklin Mint, Swissotel, and two professional sports leagues, gaining corporate sponsors Clairol, Philip Morris, Toyota, Gatorade, Budweiser, and Bata Shoe among others.

Mr. Cuzzi has been Director of Marketing for the Major Indoor Soccer League and he co-Founded the North American Soccer League Marketing, Inc. as VP Advertising/Publications. His commissioner level sports management experience includes sponsorships, promotions, special events, and publishing. He had proven successes when publishing the NASL and MISL league publications in media sales, marketing and licensing. He brokered the creation of the official World Cup ’94 commemorative magazine. His magazines remain the three most successful soccer publications ever in North America: Kick, Missile and World Cup ’94. He sold over 60 national advertisers. He created a documented/national marketing impact for both leagues.

He consulted the National Soccer Hall of Fame membership campaign, tourism brochure, newsletter, and national promotion development. He created/developed the Puma Cup concept for them. He supervised the direct marketing/advertising campaign for Golf, Outdoor Life and Popular Science for Times Mirror Magazines, written marketing plans for the New York Yankees and supervised the Stroh Circle of Sports TV syndication/Advertising program. In addition, he sold the time for the Sport Division of Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) which enabled three new TV shows to go on the air: fishing, motor racing and wrestling.

Frank introduced and sold “pop-up” print advertising and promotion to Madison Avenue and received sales awards for that effort. This attracted the RH Donnelly Co. which bought the lucrative division from Intervisual Communications, Inc.

In his early career, he was a vice president in Advertising Account Management where he introduced new products for Luden’s, Mennen and Welch’s; repositioned Muriel Cigars; upgraded the image of Ambassador Scotch; and created competitive parity for National Car Rental.

Proven Educator and Professor/Author

Three high-profile universities have had the benefit of his expertise and teaching over the years: New York University, St. John’s University and Hofstra University. Spending over a decade at NYU where he created and developed their Sports and Special Events Marketing Institute and Certificate Program, Frank was honored in 1989 with their outstanding service award. During his time at St. John’s, he wrote The Handbook of Sports Management, Marketing and Leadership, which was published by Thomson Learning in September 2000. While there, in addition to teaching ten sports management courses a year, he revitalized the Racetrack Management Course earning him industry recognition. The St. John’s Sports Management program registration increased 40 percent during his tenure. He was nominated for Professor of the Year for his efforts. At Hofstra University, he established a new sports management program which tripled in size after just two semesters. He has developed a 26-course Sports Management Career Institute for long-distance learning for use in the future. Frank Cuzzi has volunteered his time and expertise giving training seminars in sports management to high school teachers for the NYS Department of Education. Those who know him admire his knowledge, energy, creativity and ability to work on multiple tasks at once, plus his willingness to teach his knowledge of sports management to others.

At the American Management Association he hired instructors, created new content, updated courses, and pioneered innovative marketing initiatives as he upgraded and modernized The Management Course. Most notably, he generated more than $1 million in supplemental registrant revenue while reducing operating and personnel costs. He created a new, organized, updated international Brand from a tired curriculum/organization.

Frank has also given seminars on integrated marketing at Cornell University (both the Johnson Management School and the Hotel School), University of California at Berkeley, Ithaca College, Manhattan Borough Community College, NYU Stern School and at the NCAA professional development convention. Cuzzi is the rare practitioner of integrated marketing management who can teach others his craft.

Currently he is teaching courses at Globe Institute, Baruch College and Hostos Community College in marketing, sales, and sports management.

Experienced Consultant and Seminar Trainer

Mr. Cuzzi has served as a consultant, facilitator and trainer to many clients. He has been called upon to deliver convention speeches and leadership motivational lectures. Clients have included: Business Development Group, Inc., First Citizens Bank of Indiana, Michigan Association of Conservation Districts, the National Association of Conservation Districts, Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G), Siemens, Suburban Propane, Smith Barney and the Wisconsin Association of Land Conservation Employees. He has delivered seminar training and consulting in marketing, sales, strategic planning, leadership skills, creative thinking and team building for these clients. Mr. Cuzzi believes in education, training and development to prepare, challenge and transition company personnel. He has had major success marketing natural resource issues in his consulting work for the NACD, MACD, and WALCE (all of which are major natural resource organizations).

Featured as an industry leader in articles by: Adweek, Soccer America, Sports Management Review, and The Thoroughbred Times, it is clear that he always seems to distinguish himself. He was requested by Business Week to write a feature on Major League Soccer, excerpts of which were published in October 2002.

Frank, a graduate of Cornell University where he earned a BA in Economics and a MBA in Marketing, was elected a member of the Cornell Board of Trustees from 1991 to 1995. Twice elected President of his class and Campaign Chair once, he led his class to 4 “all-time” Cornell fundraising records. He received leadership training at Darden/University of Virginia, plus strategic planning and accelerated training at the AMA.

Leader in Change – Sports Management Entrepreneur

Being a visionary, Frank realized that it was only a matter of time before soccer would have a monumental impact in the United States. Taking the entrepreneurial plunge, he founded Corner Kick International, Inc. This integrated marketing company created a new soccer Brand which specialized in consumer sports apparel, sports marketing promotions, special events/camps, licensing, corporate sponsorship and website sales. In 1999, he launched Corner Kick Soccer Academy, doubling its registration in its second year, and tripling its revenue in the third year. In 2001, he launched Corner Kick Apparel. In 2002, the Corner Kick apparel and sports educational material became available over the Internet. In 2003, the company was merged to created a larger, more impactful organization, Corner Kick Soccer Education and Training, a grassroots soccer Brand. By 2005, the Corner Kick Companies grew to include his sports management /online/continuing education program, two TV sports programs, plus the cornerkick.com website. Using his sports management textbook, where he invented a new method of examining and understanding the sports management industry, he can now teach others on the Internet through his global Sports Management Career Institute.

Driver of Results - Summary

Frank Cuzzi has created a new Soccer Brand, Corner KickÒ, with its own website, cornerkick.com, camps, TV programs, licensed apparel, plus educational materials. He Branded, updated, hired instructors, and increased profit from an old, tired educational course at the AMA, The Management Course. He created new academic programs in sports management at NYU, Hofstra, and Globe. He revived the Sports Management program at St. John’s, and earned a nomination as “faculty member of the year.” He evolved a new method of teaching sports management in a very complex industry; then he wrote and published a textbook on it which has been used in a growing number of universities.Frank showed major natural resource organizations how to sell their products and market themselves successfully (NACD and MACD). He marketed and sold two professional soccer Leagues (MISL and NASL) through magazine ad sales, sponsorships, and licensing to an impactful/national presence. The three most successful soccer magazines to date in North America were his responsibility.He created sports TV programs (TBS) by generating the advertising funds to pay for them; enhanced league sports magazines by generating new ad sales revenue; and created “pop-up” advertising/promotion for Madison Avenue by creating a new market for them. He introduced several new Branded products through classic marketing and advertising (Protein 21 shampoo, Luden’s candy bars, Welch’s white grape).

His successful results are documented in numerous forums: public education (AMA), private consulting (corporate clients), sports management (professional leagues and Corner Kick youth/grassroots soccer), conservation marketing (NACD and MACD), and academic teaching (professor at NYU/Baruch/St. John’s/Globe).

Frank Cuzzi has demonstrated the decisiveness, accountability, creative thinking, strategic planning, constituent service, problem solving plus entrepreneurship/innovation required to accomplish these results. He is a special leader, combining expertise in marketing, sales, leadership, facilitation, and teaching/training. He can write an effective, targeted business plan; build successful results through innovative sales and marketing; and teach others “how-to-do” the same. Frank carries his tireless leadership, devotion and skill sets into his performance. Words used to describe Mr. Cuzzi include: enthusiastic, innovative, builder, and results.

Frank E. Cuzzi’s business-building expertise is well documented.


About Corner Kick International, Inc.

Corner Kick International, Inc. was created to establish a nationwide “Corner Kick” Brand in soccer education, training, and merchandising. Live camps and training, combined with electronic long distance learning, using the Internet and DVDs, implement this program. Corner Kick apparel is available from the website catalog.
The Company objective is to provide a high quality, soccer education experience for players, coaches, and administrators in a fun environment.
The Company consists of three operating parts:

  • Corner Kick Soccer Academy: provides year-round outdoor and indoor live camps, clinics, and classes.
  • Corner Kick GOAL (Go Online And Learn): uses a unique combination of animation, video, sound, and text to educate and reinforce soccer learning to both players and coaches. Our coaching staffs are recognized expert soccer educators with online experience.
  • Corner Kick Properties: engages in the business of soccer licensing, merchandising, television, publications, promoting, distributing, and marketing, related to soccer education, training and Branding. It licenses its related content, services, and apparel to manufacturers, education facilities, and corporate sponsors.

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